Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday's Featured Artist: PnkGeeni

Happy Friday, readers! Our featured artist today is Jeni of PnkGeeni. She currently resides in New Zealand, where she creates beautiful collage cards for all seasons. She adds life and fun to the EART team, with her upbeat personality and positive attitude. Jeni used to have a scrapbooking habit - It evolved into card-creating, and now she's got an etsy shop full of pretty paper goodies.

Check out this cool never ending valentine...

with lots of room for your love message:


Celebrate spring (come on, spring, hurry up, will ya?) with these handmade flower cards:



And check out the deals in her clearance section. If you like to gather holiday stuff all year 'round like I do, thus avoiding the mad crazy rush in December, these cards on sale are a great place to start.


Keep up with Jeni at her blog, flickr photo gallery, or twitter.

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