Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday's Featured Artist: MichellesCharmWorld

Michelle of MichellesCharmWorld is our fearless leader here at EART. She has boundless energy and does a great job of keeping us organized and moving along. But there's a mystery...

Where, oh where, does she find all these charms?? Where?

From Legos to doughnuts to Barbie shoes, she's got a little funky and cute something for everyone!


Here's something cool and unique that Michelle does - she makes button bracelets with your vintage buttons. Who doesn't love buttons?

Info from her etsy shop profile:
I have done a series of bracelets for people after they have come across some vintage buttons. Many people don't know what to do with buttons, and just don't have the room to display them, so I can create them into one of a kind bracelets. Just take a look at my shop and you will see my work with them.


Keep up with Michelle at her blog and facebook page.

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