Friday, February 27, 2009

EART team Challenge #1: What does spring mean to you?

I am hosting the EART team's first challenge!

Our first challenge is Spring! Because we are an eclectic group of artisans that dabble in a wide range of elements and crafts, your challenge is to create one item (in your own genre of art) that best represents what spring means to you!

Here are the Rules:
-Deadline for completion: March 28th, 2009
-You need to take 2 pictures of your item AND post them to our group flickr photostream ONCE the voting has begun...but not until then:)
-In no more than one paragraph, explain why you created what you did and how it reflects spring to you! This description will be featured on our blog during the voting!
-You will also list the item in your etsy store
-Lastly, participants will email their two pictures and descriptions to (that is my email:). In the subject line please put EART team challenge submission.

Voting will take place on our blog from Monday, March 30th - Friday, April 3rd Any of our visitors to the blog will be able to vote! The winner gets all the will get to choose our next challenge!

If you are interested in the EART team, just comment in this thread! OR, visit the EART team Blog!

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