Saturday, May 23, 2009

EART May Challenge - CaRNiVaL!!!

Once a month, the Eclectic Artisans Team holds a friendly challenge with one another, with the winner going on to choose the next month's theme.
How is the winner picked? By YOUR votes!!! :) You, our readers, get view each entry, read the participants comments and choose your favorite that you feel best represents the theme of the month.
Last month's winner was 'Miss Maisy' who brought in the most blog reader votes with her 'Spring' themed submission. As 'queen of the challenge', Maisy's choice for this month's challenge is "CARNIVAL!"
To Maisy, 'carnival' means:
"i was raised in st lucia in the west indies and have vivid memories of my childhood there - including the carnival celebrations that would take over the island! people came together and put on a carnival that celebrated creativity, colour, and cameraderie. no matter what their skills, or means, everyone seemed to get caught up in the spirit of carnival and either created amazing costumes, played music, or just danced along to show support and have a good time in the street processions and parties."

Below you will find the entries for this month's challenge.
Each entry image has a number and that number can also be found in the poll in the sidebar>>>>>vote for your favorite submission! (voting ends 5/29)
More info and details on the submissions are found below the collages.
Please help us choose this month's winner and join in the fun!!!
(click on the images to enlarge for detailed view)
1. hairbowswonderworld: what carnival means to me- This is a headband with a handmade silk fabric rose attached with some curly peacock feathers. The first thing came to my mind when I think Carnival, was that peacock blue and the peacock feather, so I went ahead and made this headband , I think the gorgeous blue and the whimsical curly feathers give it a festive cheerful look.
2. indigoorchid: what carnival means to me- I call my bracelet the “Carnival Queen…of Hearts”
When I was looking on the net trying to find inspiration, I kept pulling up pictures of carnival queen from all over the Caribbean, Latin America, and Venice. I took what I saw in these photos and created my own version of a carnival queen in watercolor. From there I switched over to my more comfortable medium, jewelry design. I tried to incorporate all of the bright colors and shapes that I found while researching. Since I had used all of the colors that I had found to be more promonant during carnival in my painting, I just transferred the idea to my bracelet, hearts and all.So in my submission piece you will find bright, bold color with lots of shinny silver tones. I incorpoarted Czhech glass butterflies, stars, and of course, hearts. I mainly used glass in my design from czhech to lampwork and cain beads; however threr are also some pewter Bali style beads thouhout. I hop you like it, and I hope that the colors can give you a good memmory of St Lucia!
3. divadea: what carnival means to me- I am working on a series of tarot art, and when the Carnival challenge theme was announced, the colorful and mysterious carnival tents with the tarot and palm readers inside and the scent of incense wafting out immediately came to mind. These are mixed media pieces made mostly of polymer clay. They measure about 7 by 9 inches. For each piece, I research the card, its history and interpretations, and hundreds of various artists' renditions before creating my own unique drawing representing how the card resonates for me. Then from the drawing I build a piece of wall art with polymer clay cane work and other materials. Eventually, I hope to make the entire 78-card set and have a complete tarot deck printed. For this challenge, my entry is major arcana card number 4, the Emperor. Polymer clay cane work, mokume gane and sculpting techniques were all used for this piece.
4. TicTacTogs: what carnival means to me- I love masks and bright colors and I know that they are used in Carnival,so I decided to do a mask digi scrabble art set.
5. MichellesCharmWorld: what carnival means to me- For me a Carnival is all about the sweets. I love being able to just try anything and everythign sugary. The kids get candy, ice cream and the like. There seem to be no rules when it comes to Carnival Sweets! My Favorite is the Ice Cream Cone, so I put a large ice cream cone on a plaque to add the pearl cabochons surrounding it. The pearl cabochons are the big lights shining from the carnival at night.
6. pnkgeeni: what carnival means to me- 'Carnival' reminds me of when I was 5yrs old and I went on my first big wheel (actually is was a small wheel) with my brother and I HATED it! I cannot travel backwards - I have to face the way I am traveling! This challenge reminded me of teabag folding so I tried it in bright semi-neon colors.
7. Jeraly: what carnival means to me- It turned out nothing like I expected! I knew I wanted to make a necklace but I wanted to make something very bold with lots of yellow and green. That changed as soon as I found the focal! I wrapped it in wire and just started to build crazy wire links that were all different and incorporated bright primary colors - it reminds me of a scribbly sketch more than carnival but the energy and movement in it along with the bright colors help to tie it in!

Thank you for joining in with us and hope you'll visit again soon!!

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  1. thank you to all the earties who took part in this month's challenge! it's going to be another tough choice to settle on just one entry to vote for... good luck everyone xx