Monday, June 1, 2009

Break the Tie from our private EART contest!

Recently, we had a private contest on our Team forum...the motivation...a $25 prize!
Well, we had 5 players, with 2 in a tie for the prize!

Please post in the comments to this blog ONLY if you have come from Michelle's (MichellesCharmWorld) or J's (JayBirdDesigns) blog. And please only post one time (for each, if you read both their blogs, lol) If you are not a current reader of their blogs, please scan the sidebar to THIS blog, find their blog link and pop on over ;)

And add the secret catch phrase used in their entry!

One lucky gal will be the winner by the end of the day!
What will YOU win?

Or undying gratitude AND if you enter the Team Giveaways you might win some awesome prizes from various members!!

Thanks so much for helping us out! :D