Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Myth & Magic" Team Challenge - YOUR vote counts!

Hi everyone!
It's that time again..EART Challenge time! Where the members of the Eclectic Artisans Team compete against each other and create to a specific theme, then bring our creations to YOU so you may vote on your favorite!
The winner of the challenge claims bragging rights & goes on to choose next month's theme!

This time around, the challenge theme, chosen by last challenge's winner, Jeraly, is "Myth&Magic"
To Aly, "Myth&Magic" means..."I picked Myth & Magic because from a very young age I have always loved the realms of fantasy worlds - from reading Enid Blyton's Magic Faraway Tree books, to playing adventure games in primary school. From reading wonderful authors such as David Eddings, Brian Jacques, Robin Hobb and Katherine Kerr in my adult life to table top gaming such as D&D and fantasy based roleplaying video games! I love the escapism these worlds offer and the thoughts and beliefs that within them, anything can happen no matter how impossible it seems here in the "real" world. The description really doesn't do it justice - I guess really I would love to live in a fantasy world myself so I have to make do by absorbing as much of it as possible!"

Below, you will find a numbered collage of all challenge entries. The numbers on the entries correspond to a poll found in the sidebar and the member info at the bottom of this post. Please read through each member's description, and choose -by voting- that entry which YOU feel best meets the theme as described by Aly, above.
*Each item will also be listed in the shop of its creator. Links will be added to this post as they are given to me :) Voting ends 6/28 with the winner announced on the 29th.
**comments on the creations and this blog post are welcome and encouiraged! :)
Thanks so much for playing along & helping to keep us inspired! Now...let the challenge BEGIN!!!

  1. Amethyst Dragon Pendent: by KellsCreations.etsy.com - I have always loved fairy tales and fairy tale dragons, so when I found a book by Christi Friesen on making polymer clay dragons, I bought it. I made one dragon bead that looked like Christi’s, but from that point on my dragon bead pendants have “evolved” into their own species completely. My dragons are still cute, cuddly, and very non-threatening but there’s also a feminine elegance about them as well. My dragons love to wear jewels, and they’re a big hit at the Renaissance Arts and Crafts Festivals I attend. For a closer look at the finished piece, please visit: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=26884443
  2. Butterfly Choker: by JaybirdDesigns.etsy.com - In my mind, when I think of myths and magic, I see wings...fairy wings...butterfly wings...shiny wings. I started crocheting the 3-D butterfly wings in a sparkle gold yarn. Then I needed something to attach it too. For stunning contrast, I choose a black, suede like, yarn to use as a base. And since I feel that jewelry needs to make a statement, I choose to make a choker-style necklace that would look beautiful with both jeans or a formal gown! *To view this item in detail visit:http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=26705806
  3. Sleeping Beauty Bridal Bouquet: by HairbowsWonderWorld.etsy.com -"
    ...Your Highness, long ago I heard my father tell that there was in yonder castle a princess, the most beautiful that ever man saw; that she must lie asleep there for many. many years; and that one day she will be awakened by a king's son, for whom she was destined.
    At these words Princess Florimond felt himself afire. he belived, without weighing it, that he could accomplish this fine adventure; and, spurred on by love and ambition, he resolved to explore then and there and discover the truth for himself.
    Leaping down from his horse he started to run towards the wood, and had almost reached the edge of it before the attendant courtiers guessed his design. They called to him to come back, but he ran on, and was about to fling himself boldly into the undergrowth, when as by magic all the great trees, the shrubs, the creepers, the ivies, briars and brambles, unlaced themselves of their ownaccoed and drew aside to let him pass...
    A cluster of white sheer organza roses surrounded with white marabou and ostrich feathers under a net of clear crystal garland on silver wire. Hidden in the middle is a huge and beautiful clear crystal, waiting to be explored, loved and awakened.
  4. One: by SongbirdSpectre.etsy.com - this is a piece based on my current study of energetic functions of the human body, and how our senses, thoughts, and perceptions interact in ways that unite us all under the umbrella of Knowing. this a true myth, something that is both fantastical AND real.
  5. Tree Spirit: by LuckyTwentyone.etsy.com - his is our Myth & Magic Challenge piece. We named it Tree Spirit.We are a two-person shop and my husband Justin is the one who did the piece. He did it because when he thinks of myth and magic, he thinks of nature spirits, surreal beings and haunting images.
  6. Fairy Necklace: by IndigoOrchid.etsy.com - I tried to “channel” the fairy world with this necklace. The center wirework is fashioned to look like fairy wings, delicate and fluid. The glow from the pearls, and the blue flashes from the labradorite and rainbow moon stone add to the magic of the piece.Delicately carved Amethyst flowers symbolize nature, and the role that fairies are commonly believed to play in it.*To view this item in detail visit:http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=26857825
  7. Devil's Bath: by Fotogeeni.etsy.com - I was hoping we'd get to the glow worms cave for this challenge, but instead we went to a Thermal Park. At the very end of this walk is The Devil's Bath. The color really is green! The color comes from excess water from the Champagne Pool that mixes with sulphurs and ferrous salts. As a myths and magic theme I think this photograph works.*To view this item in detail visit:http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=26860685

And while, I as challenge coordinater am not up for the vote, I couldn't resist creating for the challenge. Here is my version of "Myth&Magic"
"Moon Dragon"

Please be sure to vote for your favorite piece in the sidebar poll!
t h a n k * y o u !

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