Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Final Giveaway Day Enchanted Beads

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White Pearls Pendant with Lampwork Bead

Welcome to EnchantedBeads, a shop with such intricate and wonderful work it is sure to make you gasp!
A Little in her own words:
My unique jewelry designs in elegant styles are all handmade from semiprecious stones, genuine pearls and tiny beads composing a whole world of colors and shapes in each piece: flowers, hearts, ladybugs, butterflies. I am inspired by nature and one of my most important goals is to express in my jewelry the eternal qualities of our highest feelings.

Imagine a small piece of jewelry in which color, form and shape is combined in order to please the eye.
I think a lot about my pieces. Sometimes I get inspired by the semiprecious stones I find. I put them together with pearls and/or colorful seed beads in a specific design, carefully coordinating the colors to achieve a natural, shaded look by incorporating several nuances of beads for each color I choose.
My goal is to create stylized designs that bring more beauty to everyday life, inspire good feelings and increase self-awareness in the lasting symbols that are always present: love, faith, sincerity, purity, hope, renewal, and good luck.

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