Friday, August 20, 2010

Giveaway Feature Day 4 Raven333

The Comments for This Feature are Closed, but in order to Join The Giveaway for Raven333's framed Fabric Collage , just click HERE and Post your comment in that thread after following the instructions to first Follow the Blog and then link to your favorite item in her shop!

Felted Wool Fragrant Blue and Green Soap Exfoliant

Raven333 is a wonderful shop full of colorful and amazing wares that all show the talent of the artist behind this shop. Stop in and see it all and even pick up something for your Christmas Shopping!

A little in her own words:
Getting inspiration from dreams, I have been an artisan for 20 years. Incorporating elements of collage, rubber-stamping and found object art, My work is both abstract and representational.

I am a designer of art dolls,felted items, as well as a serious fiber artist.

Fabric art is my primary medium now. Besides pouches, pins and wall hangings, I combine the color and texture of fabric arts with my expertise in felting in order to create dynamic
scarves and shawls.

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