Saturday, April 4, 2009

And the winner is...

Miss Maisy! Congratulations to MissMaisy for winning the first EART challenge for spring!

I also would like to take this opportunity to thank the 8 other members of EART who took the time to create unique, ooak items for the challenge as well! I look forward to what Miss Maisy will announce as the next EART team challenge...I also can't wait to be able to participate:)))) It looked like a lot of fun! ~Heather


  1. thank you so much heather for coming up with such a great theme for our first challenge! this news really made my day today; i can't believe i won when i already had so much fun participating! thank you to everyone who voted for me *blows kisses* and hmm... *rubs hands together* news of the next challenge will be forthcoming sooooon :) maisy x

  2. Congratulations Maisy ~
    I just joined this ring and look forward to participating in future activities with you and other etsy ring members.

  3. Saw this on Twitter and just had to pop over & say Congratulations Maisy!!
    Fabulous Earrings the epitome of Springtime :)

    nicola xx

  4. Congrats, Maisy!!! Can't wait to see what you pick for the next theme! :)