Sunday, March 29, 2009

The EART team spring challenge...It's time to vote!

One month ago, the EART team members were faced with the burning challenge of creating one item that best represents what spring means to them!
As you can see, the results are stunning!

Now it is time to vote...
Voting is open from 3.30.09 at 12:01 am est to 4.3.09 at 12:59pm est!

1. Jaybird Designs
To me, baby pink is THE color of spring and I always look forward to all the beautiful flowers that appear in springtime. This wrap was symbolizes Spring to me!

2. Jnilsson06
To me, Spring is a time of bright new beginnings and celebrations!
I created this crocheted "Spring Celebration Cake" as a symbol of this special time. And what could be a more beautiful way to honor new beginnings than with a wedding celebration!

3. Divadea
This springy piece is the first in my beads spring cleaning. I've got a gazillion beads all fussily sorted by color, and it's time to stop admiring them in their boxes use them! This bracelet has my handmade yellow flower beads with striped edges, textured beads from my friend Bettina of beadworx, glass leaf beads, and little charms made with silver seed beads and wonderfully iridescent tube beads in light green. It's strung on sturdy Beadalon wire and has a sweet silver heart toggle clasp.

4. Bailiwick Designs
We have little birds around here that live in the neighborhood trees during Spring & Summer, and I miss them so much when they leave during the colder months. They're the noisiest little birds - constantly chattering and tweeting and bustling about. So when Spring arrives (and the birds too) I always think of birds, nests, and eggs, and all three typically find their way into my work in one way or another. So far this year, I've made eggs - I covered papier-mache eggs with lace. I thought they turned out quite charming.

5. Michelle's Charm World
spring to me is color, life, awakening and transition. My bracelet makes a transition from a bracelet into a necklace with the chain that comes with it. It's full of the colors of spring. The flowers are a symbol of life, the butterflies symbolize awakening since they emerge from their warm homes to take on a new life. The Swarovski crystal stems symbolize the icicles of winter time, while the purple tear shaped beads symbolize the drops of rain that the icicles transition to as the weather warms. Gold leaves turn to green on the bracelet and the starry night sky is represented as well. This piece encompasses all of Spring in one great piece.

6. pnkgeeni
I was trying to desypher the clues and was thinking about Spring/Easter. I was waiting for my mom to finish work so we could go for a coffee and the thought popped up in my head. What about lucky bunny's feet? A cute little card with a relaxing bunny's feet popping up from the softly pink card, with soft pink felt as the foot pads.

7. maybeads
To me, Spring is all about transformation. The bulbs that were planted in the Fall are transforming into beautiful blooms. But also, the little buggers that feed off those flowers are starting their own transformations. This is a pair of bug beads that represent the transformation of the caterpillar into a butterfly.

8. monarchdancer
I love slippers and thought it would be fun to make a pair of Mary Janes for
adults. To me, Spring is flowers, blue skies and big white fluffy clouds. The
white on the Mary Janes represents the white fluffy clouds, the blue on the
flower represents blue skies and the beautiful fabric covered floral button
represents flowers of course :)

9. miss maisy
spring posy set
there are many things i love about winter but spirits just uplift at the first whisper of spring. for me, those whispers are the first sighting of flower bulbs pushing through in a tired garden, longing to see its colour back. when those bulbs finally reveal their crocuses and daffodils, the garden seems to smile again and the beautiful purple and lavender crocuses, with their neighbours, the buttery yellow daffodils, infect everyone with their optimism and cheer. i chose amethyst as my vibrant crocuses, and honey yellow jade as my sunny daffodils. i brought texture into the design by choosing a mix of carved, faceted, and plain round stones, and wrapped them together with antique finish brass findings in keeping with the warm tones of this 'spring posy' earrings and bracelet set. they make me smile the same way my flowers do :)

These artisans worked so hard, wouldn't you agree? So, if you want to see more OOAK unique handmade creations, please check out their shops using the links on the blog!

Thanks so much for taking time out to read about the inspirations of these artists and for taking the time to vote!

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  1. A very difficult decision here..can't I vote for them all? I have put this post all over the net..everywhere I am a member of...good luck to all who entered and I will be sure to get in on the action for the next challenge!